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Can’t Take Our Freedom

[pb_vidembed title="Can't Take Our Freedom" caption="Can't Take Our Freedom" url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NReDBYRZ7nY" type="yt" w="560" h="385"]

Khaled M. – Can’t Take Our Freedom

His father, tortured for years in a Libyan jail for protesting Gaddafi’s regime before escaping. A young Khaled, moving year after year with his family across North Africa, Europe and the U.S. to stay one step ahead of the government assassins constantly trailing them. A lifetime spent nurturing his musical talent and working towards the salvation of the homeland he never saw, dreaming about the moment that has now arrived. American-born, Libyan-blooded rapper and political activist Khaled M presents “Can’t Take Our Freedom”, a collaboration with Iraqi-British rapper Lowkey. Its a cry for humanity that embodies the struggle not only in Libya, but anywhere one man feels his life is worth more than those of the people he rules.

The video was made during the beginning of the revolution, before any outside media was allowed in. Portions of the video are exclusive eyewitness footage from Libyans on the frontlines. “Can’t Take Our Freedom” received more than 50,000 hits its first week on youtube, and @Youtube, the official twitter account, even gave it a cosign. The song instantly gained international acclaim and was covered from outlets around the world: Brazil, France, Switzerland, Egypt, etc. A week later Youtube mysteriously took it down, citing a violation of its Terms Of Service.

An appeal promptly filed with Youtube was denied. Fans began reposting the video – some even posting their own versions – and started a petition site to have the official video reinstated. These various “fan” videos amassed more than 100,000 views collectively. Now, months later, after extensive mediation between a party mutual to Khaled’s team and Youtube, the “Freedom” video has returned, although with a “mature content” warning.

This is a victory for the fans that worked hard to keep it alive, and for the voiceless people around the world who live under tyrants that suppress expression!