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Follow My Lead

Khaled M – Follow My Lead

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  1. arnold
    16 October 11, 8:41am

    heard you with john schaefer on npr last week–was very impressed with you personally and musically—
    planning to see you at littlefield’s on tuesday—

  2. 22 October 11, 12:13am

    You have more useful info than the British had conloeis pre-WWII.

  3. Mohammed Ahtsham
    12 December 11, 1:57pm

    Asulam’ Walaikum brother,

    I am a Muslim and I watch all this injustice goin around the world. I am just an ordinary person who lives in Britain but I am originally from Pakistan and have just turned 18. Brother, I found your music whilst listening to Lowkey and Immortal Technique and I just want to say you have a great voic and some great lyrics too. If your lyyrics are great aswell as Lowkeys and Immortal Techniques, then these could be coombined to make one soundtrack that is official to the public. The three of you are so strong with you talent individually, imagine the strength of you brother combined together, after all you are muslims. The government has disguised their injustice, violencce and democratic actions from the public and have used the media as a cover up. Brother please, I request you to make your music more official because it will be used as a tool to open the publics eyes. Brother what I am trying to ellaborate on is the Illuminati. I understand the Secret Society and Illuminati stuff which is why as a muslim, I put every effort into bring all the muslims together and to defeat the Illuminati. Only you can start this brother by working with Lowkey and Immortal Technique to create such a video that brings out the truth about the government and the Illuminati and then release it in USA and UK. Make it a hit on channels such as MTV and stuff which is how you will get recognised and then Inshallah we Mulims from all around the world can come together and fight the Illuminati and save the world, Gods creation. Inshallah, you read my comment and act upon it. If you wish to get into contact with me, I have left my email. I know your not going to, as you are a bigger and better person than me whereas I am just and ordinary 18 year old, with no background what so ever, but I still pray to Allah you do get in touch with me. May Allah bring peace upon you and support you on the right path and Inshallah one day you will be big. Allah’ Hu Akbar.

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