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Leila Steinberg (Former Manager for Tupac Shakur): “I love your music. You are blessed with a talent that touches the soul. Much success and blessings on your journey.”


Jenisha Watts (Freelance Journalist): “The passion and energy that Khaled M puts in his work can give you chills. It’s obvious what seizes his imagination, his mornings, his evenings and his weekends: producing great music. He boasts cleverly (“So to all my people that I ain’t spent enough time with/I’m leaving ya’ll with music that’s timeless), you’d best believe he means it.”


DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy: “Khaled M. rocked the house tonight! He’s a great artist representing for Libya, representing for Chi-town. Keep a look out for him because he got a lot of good things to say and a lot of good music.”


Lowkey: “Khaled M. is not just a sick emcee, but a very good-hearted individual…trust me if you don’t know about him you need to check him out because I’m a fan.”


M1 of Dead Prez: “Look out for my brother Khaled M. He’s People’s Army for life representing resistance, a free Palestine, a free African nation, the end of imperialism and solidarity.”


Invincible: “Big up to my man Khaled M. Representing the world wide movement, revolutionary sh*t that’s going on through hip hop and beyond.”


  1. 03 September 11, 10:59pm

    Pac turned out to be without a darkness associated with uncertainty unquestionably the very best artist of all time, however , higher than a easy actor or perhaps MC Tupac was obviously a Revolutionist going versus the powers that be which you have got to value My man Tupac with regard to. I spent my youth hearing 2pacs songs and impression and Naturally I ought to state this designed the modern world a much better place. Its actual a moment far more individuals get up against the Bilderberg. Killuminati all the way up. I actually really liked this post about Pac.

  2. 14 September 11, 3:20pm

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  3. Sahar El-layali
    08 December 11, 11:25pm

    I would like to just say that I admire your music very much, the passion and truthfulness in the lyrics are very appealing… It’s nice to have new “spice or flavour” to the Rap industry where things don’t actually relate to clubs, drugs etc… but instead relate to things which have had a great impact on peoples lives, or are just inspirational and motivational subjects! Well done and wish you every success in the future Insh’Allah :)

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